Technical and specialised translations


The main focus of the business is on translating EU-related, political, economic and legal texts from English into Swedish and Greek into Swedish. Here are some examples:



  • Various EU texts in the form of reports, communications, notices, opinions, petitions, amendments, agendas, minutes, etc. within all the EU’s areas of activity.
  • Treaty texts, reports of official commissions of inquiry, (Government) communications, polemical articles, speeches, interviews, etc. within a large number of policy areas; these texts may originate from government departments or intergovernmental organisations (e.g. the UN, OECD, the Council of Europe or the Nordic Council of Ministers).



  • Reports, analyses, reviews, guidelines and other texts on economic issues such as economic policy, financial and monetary policy, growth and development.



  • Agreements/contracts, bills of sale, deeds of transfer, terms of use, articles of association, by-laws and similar documents.
  • Documents used in legal proceedings, e.g. summons applications, judgments, appeals and reports of proceedings – with particular expertise within the area of family law (custody disputes, divorce cases).
  • Powers of attorney, applications, extracts from registers, private agreements and other documents of a legal nature.


Alongside these specialisms, translation services are also offered within areas including the following:



  • Business correspondence, company and product presentations, guidelines, codes of conduct, articles in the daily and trade press, etc.



  • Investment strategies, market and portfolio updates, product sheets, newsletters and press releases, with the emphasis on securities and investment of funds.


Market research and opinion polls

  • Questionnaires and texts in connection with Eurobarometer and Flash Eurobarometer surveys, as well as other polls/surveys.


The Environment

  • Reports, evaluations, policy statements and similar texts dealing with issues such as climate change, air pollution, water and biological diversity.


Social insurance

  • Applications, certifications, decisions and letters between authorities and individuals relating to pension and benefit matters.


Authorised translations


Authorised translations – which are a requirement in certain contexts – are also offered from both English into Swedish and Greek into Swedish:


  • School-leaving certificates, degree certificates, evidences of formal qualifications and other documents relating to education and training (e.g. transcripts of grades, work placement certificates); special expertise has been gained regarding the Greek education system.
  • Marriage certificates, birth certificates, baptism certificates, official proof of identity and family relationships, death certificates and similar documents.
  • Other documents that need to be translated and certified by an authorised translator, e.g. certain court documents.


Even if a specific translation does not need to be authorised, engaging an authorised translator naturally entails a guarantee of quality and security.


Other services


Other services comprise proofreading, language revision and editing of both translated and original texts with a view to improving the readability and structure of the text. Other services, such as compiling terminology databases, are also available if required.


All work is carried out using the latest technology and software in the field, e.g. translation tools (Trados Studio etc.), in order to guarantee an efficient and rational workflow.


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