Translations are carried out for Swedish authorities and courts, Swedish and foreign businesses, national and international organisations, translation agencies worldwide and private individuals.


Noteworthy clients include


  • The Swedish Government Offices (several framework agreements, the most recent starting in January 2018)
  • The Swedish Ministry of Finance (including during Sweden’s Presidency of the EU in 2009)
  • The Swedish Ministries for Foreign Affairs, of Enterprise, Energy and Communications, of Justice, of Health and Social Affairs, of the Environment, and others
  • The Swedish Market Court
  • The Swedish Green Party
  • The Swedish Red Cross
  • The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
  • Greenpeace
  • The Public Health Agency of Sweden
  • Marginalen Bank
  • Bonnier Fakta Publishing
  • NordForsk (an organisation that provides funding for Nordic research cooperation)
  • The Unemployment Insurance Fund for SEKO, the Union of Service and Communication Employees
  • The law firm Alzola Juristfirma AB
  • The National Council of Swedish Youth Organisations(LSU).


Several of these client relationships date back many years – in some cases more than a decade – which speaks for the quality of the translations delivered.


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